Large Bird Cage 206 x 101 x 220 cm Montana New Arkansas II Antique


Spaciousness – The Arkansas II cage provides your pet with a very large and spacious area for movement and play. There is ample space in the cage for arranging furnishings and activities necessary for your favorite bird’s well-being.

Strong and Durable Construction – The cage is made of high-quality, zinc-free powder-coated metal, ensuring durability and a long lifespan. The robust material also ensures the safety of your pet.

Easy Maintenance – The Arkansas II cage features removable bottom grates and trays, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. This saves you time and ensures a clean living environment for your pet. Additionally, the smooth surface makes the cage easy to maintain.

Additional Features: The cage has an extra door for installing a bath or nest box. The additional door on the large front door acts like a balcony, providing extra access and perching opportunities.

Lockable Door: The cage has a secure locking system that prevents your pet from escaping.

Advantages – The cage features horizontal bars, providing a more comfortable climbing experience. Montana cages are practical and durable, prioritizing the well-being, comfort, quality, and safety of birds during production.


The Montana Arkansas II is an excellent choice for the discerning bird owner who wants to provide their pet with a spacious and comfortable living environment.


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