Harness Aviator Harness – Petite


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Original Aviator Bird Harness

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Does not contain metal fastenings
  • Made from bird-friendly materials
  • Harness safety has been tested

Available on backorder

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Aviator Harness on designed for safe outdoor walks for birds. These professional bird harnesses are lightweight and comfortable for the bird, with safety verified through security tests. The harnesses are made in one piece and do not contain buckles or fastenings that would burden the bird or that a parrot could open.

Constructed from bird-friendly materials, the harness seams are abrasion-resistant. The harnesses are adjustable according to the bird’s body size. The leash is elastic with a loop for a secure grip. The elasticity of the leash helps prevent injuries if the bird unexpectedly takes flight.

Aviator bird harnesses are lightweight and safe, allowing for flight when using the leash extension. Note: The original package leash length remains short for flight.

The Petite size is suitable for cockatiels, conures, and birds weighing between 75-110g.

Leash length: 130cm.

Note: Before using the harness, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the user manual and instructional videos on YouTube. Birds need time to adapt to and practice with the harness. When outdoors, pay attention to safety requirements. Never leave a bird unattended in the harness!

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